Pre Ampli Halcro DM10

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Bảo hành: 1 năm

Hotline: 0908 812 754


three RCA Unbalanced Voltage Mode, three XLR Balanced Voltage Mode, one RCA Current Mode (Any five of the above I/Ps are user programmable to respond to the device names; CD, Tuner, Tape, Aux 1, Aux 2)


two pair RCA Unbalanced Voltage Mode, Bridgeable

two pair XLR Balanced Voltage Mode, Bridgeable

two pair RCA Current Mode; 1 pair for un-bridged connection, the other pair used in bridged mode

one pair RCA Tape output

six-pin XLR power ON/OFF, both pulsed and level output control

Power supply:

85-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz

Power consumption:

100 W max via IEC input.

Dimensions (W x H x D):

448 x 240 x 400 mm


23 kg