CD Player MBL N31 CD-DAC

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Bảo hành: 1 năm

2016 Munich audio show MBL published the latest New Noble Line series has also come to Taiwan, which is the source of this N31. N31 is CD turntable and DAC, although the dial part of the use of inhaled CD-ROM, but the MBL has been a full time, such as the turntable body adopts non-symmetric sandwich structure, can effectively resolve vibration, turntable rotation is also concerned about the air flow disturbance , So the top and both sides of the turntable with ramp plate, can handle airflow, so that when the disc is more stable rotation.


Digital processing section, N31 using the latest development of the three-stage time-base error cancellation technology, digital processing can solve the pre-ringing (pre-ringring) and post-bell vibration (post-ringring), and the other three Filter mode, namely, Minimum Phase, Slow Roll-Off and Fast Roll-Off, users can switch according to their tastes or system conditions, under normal circumstances, MBL recommended Minimum Phase mode. DAC line is special, is called a 4-channel DAC technology. This is a mixed Delta Sigma and Multi Bit mixed DAC, that is, the weak signal below 6bit with Delta Sigma decoding, 6bit to 24bit with Multi Bit, each channel has a 4-channel DAC, the 4-channel between Delta Sigma and Multi Bit, will be combined with 4-channel output, is a very smooth decoding signal, and is a full-balanced analog output.

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  • Type: CD turntable DAC
  • Digital inputs: USB, AES / EBU, Toslink, S / PDIF RCA
  • Digital output: AES / EBU, Toslink, S / PDIF RCA
  • Analog output: XLR, RCA
  • Color: black gold, black silver, platinum, silver
  • Size: 450 × 155 × 400 mm (W × H × D)
  • Weight: 18.7 kg