Pioneer DV-3052V

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- A multi-format DVD player featuring HDMI 1080p upscaling, karaoke scoring and recording features

Hotline: 0908 812 754
- USB 1**†
- Mic Jack 1
- HDMI Terminal 1 (to 1080p/60 Hz)
- Component Video Output 1
- Video Output 1
- Audio Output 1
- Coaxial Digital Output 1

- Power Requirements 110-240 V 50/60 Hz
- Power Consumption 11 W/11 W
- Power Consumption during Standby Mode 0.8 W/0.8 W
- Dimensions (W x H x D) 360 x 42 x 207 mm
- Weight 1.2 kg

** CD –> USB Recording and Disc to USB File Copy
† CD –> USB Recording not available for Taiwan and Australia models
- Have fun singing with Pioneer DV-3022KV DVD player! The DVD player comes with Karaoke Scoring function to tell you know how well you sing. What%&&&%s more? You get to record what you sing on to a USB flash memory for your own listening pleasure!
Versatile Playability
- The DVD player provides stress-free playback, letting you play almost any disc regardless of format or condition - even if they are warped or scratched. You can play DivX, JPEG, MP3, and WMA files from both disc and USB.

HDMITM Terminal
- HDMI connection ensures lossless transmission of high-quality pictures and sound, as signals remain in a pure digital state. The DVD player is also capable of 1080p upscaling.
CD -> USB Recording
- The DVD Player allows you to record songs directly from CDs onto USB devices. The data is stored in MP3 format, letting you choose the bit rate from 128/192/320 kbps. You can copy the whole album or a selection of your favourite tracks.
Disc to USB File Copy
- Easily copy files without using your PC. The DVD player lets you copy DivX video files, JPEG photos, or MP3/WMA audio files from a disc on to a USB memory.
Dust-Proof Design
- The DVD player features a newly developed dust-proof construction with a very low cumulative failure rate, proving long-term reliable performance.
Karaoke Scoring/Recording
- The DV-3022KV comes with the karaoke scoring function which displays an image along with your score. The model also allows you to record the karaoke vocals on to a USB flash memory.
Advanced Sound Retriever
- The DVD player features the Advanced Sound Retriever, which restores the output of compressed audio - such as WMA, MPEG-4 AAC, and MP3 - to the level of CD sound. The Advanced Sound Retriever creates new signals to restore the minor details left out during the compression process, bringing it closer to the original master.