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The Revel Performa S30 surround speaker features dipole (diffuse) and monopole (direct) modes that can be manually selected or activated remotely (depending on system configuration). Featuring a high output 6½-inch woofer and a 1-inch metal dome tweeter, the S30 is also equipped with two 4-inch full-range drivers with dispersion characteristics optimised for consistent sound throughout the listening area. The handsome cabinet features angled baffles in a stylish three-panel configuration and can be wall or ceiling mounted using the integrated mounting system for maximum flexibility. The S30’s timbre is carefully tailored to blend seamlessly with all of the Performa loudspeakers, with extended and airy high frequency response to beyond 20kHz. The S30 is available in either a black or white finish to integrate easily with dark or light coloured room décor. The versatile S30 surround speaker can be integrated with select A/V processors or control systems to enable automatic dispersion switching, customised to the user’s preferences for various program sources. Dimensions H x W x D (with grille) mm: 317 x 361 x 212