Boulder 860 Stereo Power Amplifier

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Hotline: 0908 812 754
- THD at Continuous Power, 20 to 2KHz: 0.0035%
- THD at Continuous Power, at 20KHz: 0.018%
- Continuous Power, 8 Ω: 150W 
- Continuous Power, 4 Ω: 150W 
- Peak Power, 8 Ω: 150 W
- Peak Power, 4 Ω: 300 W
- Magnitude Response, 20 to 20KHz: +0.00, -0.04 dB
- Magnitude Response, -3 dB at: 0.015Hz, 150kHz
- Voltage Gain: 26dB
- Signal to Noise Ratio (re: 500W/8Ω): -108dB, unweighted, 20 to 22kHz
- Input Impedance: Balanced: 50KΩ, Unbalanced: 25KΩ
- Common Mode Rejection (Balanced only): 60Hz: 90dB,  10kHz: 70dB
- Inputs: 3-pin Balanced
- Output Connectors: 6 mm / .250 inch  thumbscrews
- Crosstalk, L to R or R to L: Greater than 112dB
- Size, Inches, Width X Height X Depth: 
   * 17.0W x 7.38H x 15.25D  Speaker connectors add 1.50 to depth
- Power Requirements:
  * Voltage suitable for country where sold
  * 50-60 Hz, 850 W at maximum
860 Stereo Power Amplifier:

- “The almost-invisible nature of the amps ensured that aural images of the instruments were three-dimensional, and the outlines of performers were realistically etched in space. If you lean toward components that let you hear deep into recordings, then this Boulder may well be your desert-island rig.”

- Since 1984 Boulder has evolved from a manufacturer of state-of-the-art professional studio equipment to creators of the world’s preeminent high-performance home entertainment electronics. Along the way we’ve collected an impressive number of awards and accolades as each successive product sets new standards for performance in its class.

- The 860 Stereo Power Amplifier is part of Boulder’s unrivaled lineup of power amplifiers. Each was created with the same principal goal in mind: the most accurate high-performance audio possible so that your cherished music and movie collections will sound exactly as the people who made them intended. Of course, as is expected by knowing enthusiasts around the world, the 860 fits right in and accomplishes this with ease.

- All of the traditional Boulder hallmarks are here, from input to output and everywhere in between. Every element of the 860’s design fulfils a function. From the three-stage instrumentation-style input circuitry to the robust power supply. Through the linear output stage and ending with the solid, wing nut binding posts and the sophisticated microprocessor controlled protection circuits that keep it all perfectly under control. Because of the fanatical attention to detail that went into its design, the 860 reveals itself to be a technological tour-de-force, going well beyond the norms of typical “high-end” standards—the degree to which the 860 has been engineered is rare in even the most esoteric designs.

- Sonically, this means that the 860 is almost not there. It imposes no sonic signature of its own. After all, Miles Davis knew how he wanted his music to sound, so who are we to make changes to his finished art form? In every respect, the 860’s design is unmistakably advanced and purposeful because its form follows function. And all the while it remains distinctly a Boulder.