Boulder- 1010- Preamplifier

Giá hãng: 437.967.000 VND

Khuyến mãi:

Bảo hành: 1 năm

Hotline: 0908 812 754
- Balance Line Inputs: 3
- Phono Inputs, Balanced Connector: 1
- Main Balanced Outputs: 2
- Record Balanced Outputs: 1
- Maximum Input Level: 6.0 Vrms
- Maximum Output Level: 14.0 Vrms
- THD+N, 2V Output, from 20 Hz to 20 kHz: 0.0015% (-96.5 dB)
- Output loaded with 150Ω: Less than 1 dB distortion change, 20 - 10 kHz
- Maximum Voltage Gain, Line input: 20 dB
- Maximum Voltage Gain, Phono (MM): 60 dB
- Maximum Voltage Gain, Phono (MC): 80 dB
- Volume Range: 100 dB
- Volume Steps: 0.5 dB +0.05 dB (200 Steps)
- Record Path Gain, Balanced Output: 8.5 dB
- Record Path Gain, Unbalanced Output: 2.5 dB
- Frequency Response, 20 Hz to 20 kHz:  +0.00, -0.03 dB
- Frequency Response, -3 dB at: 0.02 Hz & 250 kHz
- Clip to noise ratio: 118 dB
- Crosstalk, L to R or R to L: -101 dB or better 20 Hz to 20kHz
- Crosstalk, Adjacent Inputs: -115 dB or better 20 Hz to 20kHz
- Input Impedance: 100kΩ Balanced
- Output Impedance: 100Ω Balanced, 50Ω Unbalanced
- Preamp Size, W x H x D: 18.0 x 5.750 x 15.75 inches
- Power Requirements: 100 / 120 / 220-240 V, 50-60 Hz, 75 W Max.
1010 Preamplifier

- “The end result, in a truly high-resolution system, is extraordinary air, excellent low-to-high-level transient performance, full-range frequency response that does not change in character in complex passages or with shifts in musical dynamics, exceptional musical detail, accurate reproduction of soundstage depth and width, and the imaging actually on the recording. I could not fault the Boulder 1010’s performance in any area with a wide variety of music in several hundred hours of demanding listening…”

- Every high-performance sound system in the world requires a control preamplifier. Ideally, this preamp would include a full array of features and functions and no loss of realism when asked to do its job. Just like the 1010 Stereo Preamplifier. Boulder’s preamps have always addressed every aesthetic, technical and interface issue and the 1010 is no exception.

- Internally the 1010 is a benchmark of order and design. It presents a pure interpretation of the preamplifier. True balanced input connections lead to instrumentation-style circuits for minimal distortion and the highest noise rejection possible, to reveal the purest, most dynamic sound you’ve ever heard. Balanced connections are used throughout because their performance and reliability are unmatched with any other connection method. Boulder’s own discrete resistor ladder solid-state attenuator volume control is here, straight from the 2010, the world’s finest preamplifier, giving you unparalleled control and unsurpassed clarity.

- Ergonomically, the 1010 is a dream. Numerous programming options make it completely compatible with the rest of your system. Each input can be named and configured with multiple user preferences or Theater Mode for seamless integration into your home cinema.

- The fully machined chassis is a work of art. Each panel interlocks with dovetail joints (a process usually reserved for fine furniture), giving the 1010 a timeless appearance. Even the luxurious stainless steel buttons and volume knob are hand polished in a nine-step process for a brilliant mirrored finish.

- But these are just the facts. What really matters isn’t a list of features or achievements. It’s the sound. To experience the real beauty of the 1010, we can only offer one piece of advice: you need to hear it for yourself.