Briefcase Turntable JW-CS04
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Briefcase Turntable JW-CS04

Briefcase Turntable JW-CS04

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Mâm đĩa than đã bao gồm cần, kim, và tích hợp loa bên trong, thích hợp cho những ai yêu thích sự nhỏ gọn.

Mâm có thể phát được cả 2 định dạng đĩa 33 và 78.

Hotline: 0908 812 754

Product size:322X290X130mm
Master caton size:471x304.5x261mm

3 speed suitcase tunrtable with PC encoding JW-CS04

Bring your Suitcase turntable to enjoy your beloved record everywhere. In addition, you can save your song from record to PC. 
Handcrafted wooden Cabinet with PVC wrapping
2 speeds, 33-1/3, and 45 rpm
PC encoding thru Audacity software
Built-in re-chargeable battery
Auto and Manual stop selection switch
High Quality Stereo Speakers
RCA Jack Output
USB Power supply
Optional : 3 speeds, 33. 45 and 78 rpm
USB  cable line
CD software Audacity 1.2.6