Furutech SK-III

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Hotline: 0908 812 754
 Materials: Natural Goats hair surrounded by thicker strengthening acrylic Corona discharge fibers. Only the natural fine goat hair is exposed to any disk media and will not damage or mark in any way.
+ By using electrically conductive acrylic fibers that have been coated with copper sulfide and binding them together with a metal band, when both sides of the metal band are held during use, a corona discharge results; thereby removing static charge from media and charged dust particles.
+ The new SK-III features a rhodium coated metal grounding sleeve for improved conductivity. Make sure at least one finger has contact with the metal sleeve when using the SK-III.
+ The acrylic fibers have been set back 15mm from the tip of the brush and their chemical coating absorbs positively charged copper ions. The structure of these electrically conductive acrylic fibers (40 denier, thickness 69.3 microns) is patented (#1677237).
+ After a considerable amount of use the SK-III can be washed using a neutral cleansing agent and rinsed well with water and left to dry in the shade (please do not wash with cleansing agents containing bleach).
+ Usually it is enough to just simply brush away most of the static charge, but if you would like to rid your media completely of Static charge then dab a slightly damp tissue paper on the surface of the media.
+ This product is also very effective for use on Projector lenses, LCD screens, Plasma screens as well as CDs, DVDs and LPs.