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Vỏ Đầu Kim Oyaide HSTF

Vỏ Đầu Kim Oyaide HSTF

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STB-EP is a multifunctional EP adapter with three functions of level, EP adapter, and record stabilizer.

The size of the hole of the EP board (7 inch single, donut board) has individual differences depending on the age and country of production, and the current situation is that few EP adapters can satisfy accuracy with accuracy. In product development, carefully surveyed the donuts distributed in the market. We tried prototyping of the EP adapter and decided the diameter of the adapter of the STB-EP so that it fits just for most of the donut board. It is designed and manufactured with accuracy of micron unit. Since the eccentricity of the EP board can be restrained and fixed firmly, the operation of the tone arm becomes more stable and the wobble of the pitch decreases. You can play the donut board smoothly and with high sound quality.
Since it is made of heavy metal, there is a sense of stability compared to the plastic EP adapter without stability, you can remove the EP board smoothly.
Brass scraping, buffing, hard chrome plating finish familiarly and familiar with the hand pursuing beauty.
An ergonomic design easy to grasp with constriction in the body so as not to accidentally fall on the board. The attachment and detachment can be done smoothly and surely.
A record stabilizer that is light and easy to handle, which does not burden the record player. · Spindle insertion hole diameter dimension-controlled so as to correspond to almost all record players.
Compact and not taking up space. The diameter is only 38 mm, and it can be placed immediately beside the player even when changing the record board.
It is equipped with a light blue 25 mm diameter large bubble tube with excellent visibility. Easy and smart horizontal extraction can be performed. By leveling out the player, the motion of the tone arm becomes smooth, and you can play the record with higher sound quality.
Usage Notes
Please install the contact surface to check that there is no dust or projections. 
Do not apply shock as it may cause breakage of the bubble tube. 
* This product can not be used with a record player whose center spindle protrudes by 19 mm or more.
Shell: 4.0 mm thick CFRP (13-layers carbon cloth + single-layer Silver cabon on both surfaces)
Socket" Aluminum cup ring + 30% glass filled PBT
Dimentions: L = 56 mm W = 20 mm H = 15.9 mm (without finger lift)
Weight: 10.7 g (including lead wires "HSR-CU Special Edition")
Attachments: PCOCC-A (3/20 / 0.08) lead wires "HSR-CU Special Edition" (Rhodium plated), Aluminum screws (2 kinds)