JBL K2 S9900

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Hotline: 0908 812 754
The K2 S9900 continues the tradition of the K2 S9800 and also incorporates key design elements from the DD66000. Despite its 21st century power and sophistication, Project K2 S9900 is a synthesis of tradition and technology. It reflects the design, material, engineering and manufacturing expertise developed and refined through nearly six decades of experience that are the exclusive legacy of one loudspeaker brand – JBL. 

The K2 S9900 has a single midrange crossover at 900Hz, blending one 1500AL-1 woofer to the 476Mg compression driver and horn combination. Above 900Hz, the HF compression driver and horn combination operates unassisted, all the way to 20kHz. The 045Be-1 UHF driver is brought in at 15kHz to cover 2 octaves of ultrasonic frequencies.